John Hass

Hass graduated from University of Minnesota Duluth in 1982. He entered the Air Force in July for Navigator training at Mather AFB, CA. He went on to fly the F-111D at Cannon AFB, NM (83-87) then the EF-111A at Mt Home AFB, ID (87-92). He participated in Desert Shield/Storm operating out of a Saudi base for seven months, flying 16 combat sorties. From Mt Home to Winnipeg to attend a yearlong course (92-93), then on Kelly AFB, TX working at AFIWC (93-96). He spent three years with the navy at Pensacola teaching electronic warfare (96-99) and is finishing his career at Nellis AFB, NV working at Red Flag and teaching electronic warfare. He will retire in Aug 02. Decorations: Distinguished Flying Cross, MSM, Air Medal, Joint CM, Navy CM, CM, Kuwait campaign medals, and several others.

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