Troy Loeb

Mr. Loeb served in the Persian Gulf War.

He served in the U.S. Army.

His rank was lieutenant.

Source: Duluth News Tribune July 4, 1991 (see below)

“Now that U.S. soldiers have returned from the Persian Gulf war, Del Loeb is looking for ways to get rid of pounds of used pantyhose.

The Cloquet woman started a drive to send pantyhose – which made good sand filters on military vehicles and machinery – to her son, Troy, an Army lieutenant stationed there.

She had hoped to collect 200 pairs. She received 8, 000 after a newspaper story on her effort captured media attention nationwide.

“The response was almost overwhelming,” she said, noting that shipments of pantyhose came from all over the country. “We certainly accomplished what we went out to do – about 400 times over.”

Loeb sent large shipments of pantyhose to her son every week for two months, and he passed them out to every soldier he saw, she said. Now he’s home, and she’s still got some left.”

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