Anne Schirra

Anne Schirra was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.

She graduated from nurse's training to become a registered nurse. She signed up with the Cadet Nurse Corps when it was created and was commissioned as an Army second lieutenant in December 1944.

She was assigned to a hospital unit and worked on hospital trains, moving ill or injured troops arriving from overseas to hospitals around the country.

In April of 1945, she was assigned to the 305th General Hospital Unit, where she met her future husband, Robert Tarnowski. The unit served in France and Germany before being shipped to the Philippines in August 1945 and later to Japan right after the war ended. She was discharged in February 1946.

After the war, she returned with her husband to Duluth and worked as a nurse at St. Luke's and St. Mary's hospitals and at the Duluth Clinic. She also worked as an operating nurse with two Duluth ophthalmologists until her retirement in 1985.

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