Beatrice Yanda (nee Franklin)

Ms. Yanda served in World War II. She served in the U.S. Army from January 23, 1943, until February 1, 1946. She was an Army Nurse. She was assigned to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. She was sent overseas to the Eighth Station Hospital, Winchester, England. Later, she was transferred to the Sixth Field, England. Her rank was 1st Lieutenant. Shortly before the Invasion of Normandy, she and the other medical staff were told to evacuate the hospital, but they were not told the reason. The night of the invasion, hundreds of planes flew overhead: for the first time since she had arrived in England, she saw a lights after darkness had fallen. Subsequently, Ms. Franklin treated many of the service members who were wounded during the invasion. Ms. Yanda was decorated with the European Theater of Operations Medal. Ms. Yanda was born in Duluth, Minnesota, the daughter of George and Lorena Franklin.

Source: Veterans' Memorial Hall Veteran History Form; veteran's account (see below).

Winchester, England, June 5-6, 1944, was one of my most memorable times of my stay in England. A few days prior, we had evacuated the 8th Station Hospital. We did not know why. We were given a day off, so took off on our bikes but returned because of the heavy traffic, not realizing it was the start of the Normandy Beachhead. We were informed the troops were crossing the Channel to France. That night it seemed like hundreds of planes flew over the Channel with their lights. We had not seen a light after dark since arriving in England. A few days later we knew why we were there. It was a nightmare.

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