George Baker

The following story was taken form an interview conducted by Miss Ayla Snydle, a student at Ordean Middle School and granddaughter of Mr. George Baker.

The narrative tells the story of Baker’s experience in South Korea. At the age of 21, George Baker was sent to South Korea with an Army Artillery Unit. He was stationed there from 1970 until 1972 to help protect South Korea from North Korea. As the Company Clerk, Baker’s job was to keep track of all soldiers coming and going from the site. He also did all of the paperwork involved in keeping track of promotions and assignments. While stationed in Korea,

Baker stayed in the village of Chinchon. It was located about 100 miles south of Seoul, the capital of Korea. He remembers how beautiful the countryside was in that area. It was very hilly with mountainsides terraced with rice patties and fields. He remembers seeing farmers working in the rice patties and plowing the fields with oxen and wooden plows. The local restaurants served dried squid and fish. They also served a Korean sauerkraut called Kimchee, which had a very strong flavor. Everyone ate with chopsticks. Also, when you went into someone’s house you would have to take off your shoes and leave them outside. Houses in the area were made out of wood and mud.

Serving in Korea taught Baker about living with a different culture.

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