Alois W. Clasemann

Photo of Alois

Alois W. Clasemann

Mr. Clasemann served in the Korean War. He served with the U.S. Army beginning on February 27, 1952. He was assigned to the 159th Field Artillery Battalion in Korea. He was discharged on February 4, 1954. He held the rank of Corporal (CPL).

Mr. Clasemann was born in September of 1930 in Long Prairie, Minnesota. He is the son of Anton and Elizabeth Clasemann. He graduated from high school in 1948.

Source: Veterans' Memorial Hall veteran history form, veteran account follows:

"I was drafted into the army on February 27, 1952 and received my basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. I also trained as a truck and tank mechanic there, also. While in Korea, I was assigned to the 159th Field Artillery Battalion. We spent all of our time near or north of the 38th parallel."

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