Donald P. Sivertson

Donald P. Sivertson

Mr. Sivertson inducted into the Army on January 10, 1951. He served as an E-3 and was assigned to (ENG. SCH) Headquarters Company 1st SCH Battalion, and Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Engineer School.

Mr. Sivertson was born in September of 1928 in Menominee, Michigan. His parents are Paul and Nan Sivertson. He graduated from high school in 1946, and college in 1950.

The following information is from the Veterans Memorial Hall veteran history form:

"Inducted at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. Selected for SPP Program (Special Professional Personnel) - waited 4 weeks for assignment.

Transferred to Third Army, Fort Meyer, Virginia, South Post - waiting for assignment for 4 weeks.

Transferred to Fort Belvoir about mid March for basic training at engineer center. - Assigned May 1951 to Headquarters 1st SCH BN Engineer Center as an instructor in the School of Topography until separation on 9 January 1953."

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