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Doyle Ferman Cossin

Mr. Cossin served in the Korean War. He was in the U.S. Army from December 4, 1950, until September 4, 1952. He was assigned to Company C, 1st Battalion, 19th Regiment, 24th Infantry Division. Mr. Cossin’s rank was Private 1st Class and was decorated with three Purple Hearts and three Bronze Battle Stars. Mr. Cossin was born in 1928 in Evans, West Virginia, to Luther and Lydia Cossin. He graduated in 1958 from University of Minnesota, Duluth.

Source: Veterans’ Memorial Hall veteran history form;

"My platoon captured about a dozen Chinese solders. There was a young soldier among them that looked like he should be in school. He was shaking badly from fear.

"I felt so sorry for him that I thought I should do something to calm him down. I began talking to him in a low quiet voice. I offered him a cigarette which he refused. He probably did not smoke.

"I then pulled a chocolate bar from my assault ration pack. I offered him a piece. He stepped back, then I ate the piece of candy. I broke another piece from the candy bar and offered it to him. He accepted it and said something I did not understand.

"A few weeks later I was wounded in battle. I was taken to Pusan Army Hospital for treatment. I would later, while convalescing, walk around the hospital grounds to pass time while I was in treatment. I would see some POW's picking up debris, mowing grass, etc. They would receive cigarettes, candy and pop for their work. They were usually in a group of 4 or 5 with a guard watching them.

"One day while walking around I heard a loud jabbering sound. I turned around and saw a prisoner running toward me. It was the young kid I tried to calm down when he was captured. The guard threw up his rifle and yelled "halt". I yelled to the guard that it was OK, for I knew him.

"We stood there talking and smiling at each other for some time. We didn't know what each other was saying, but one thing we both knew, that we were glad to see each other. I realized that under different situations, we could have been good friends."

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