Dick Kuznia

Cpt. Dick Kuznia of Duluth entered the Army on 21 March, 1968 and was Commissioned in 1977. Kuznia tells of his experience in the Persian Gulf war:
“As Commander of the 477th Medical Co., we were called to active duty on the day before Thanksgiving in November 1990. On the following Saturday the unit left Park Point and reported to Camp McCoy, WI. 36 Army ambulances and 100 soldiers (with bags and baggage) were sent to Saudi Arabia in January of 1991. The unit performed medical missions in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq. Unit soldiers transported 10,000 patients, amassed 250,000 miles on their vehicles and returned to Duluth on Memorial Day of 1991. Unit soldiers were awarded four Bronze Stars, one Soldier’s medal, and Army Achievement medals.”

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