Bradley Bennett


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Brad Bennett of Duluth, Minnesota served nearly two tours in Vietnam from 1966 to 1968 as a member of the U.S. Marines. He was a staff sergeant, and these photos were taken during his service in 1967 as a member of alpha squad with the Third Forced Reconnaissance Company, Third Battalion, Third Marine Division. He has been a member of the Duluth School Board and is a former chairman of the Veterans’ Memorial Hall Advisory Committee.
Photo 1
Bennett is at left with two members of his squad while on reconnaissance at a village south of Hue and north of Phu Bai

Photo 2
Bennett carries an M-14 rifle outside a hospital that was a base for his unit for several months

Photo 3
Bennett holds a 45-caliber Thompson submachine gun

Photo 4
Major Gen. Walt Krulak, 3rd Marine Division commander, awards medals to members of Bennett’s unit

Photo 5
Bennett is at right with a unit member next to a mortar

Photo 6
Members of alpha squad are instructed on the day’s plans

Photo 7
A member of Bennett’s unit shows off a captured AK-47

Photo 8
Bennett and his unit’s Vietnamese cook prepare fish

Photo 9
Bennett is shown with an M-60 machine gun as some of the unit’s pet dogs run in the background

Photo 10
Two members of Bennett’s unit work in the machine gun pit

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