Carol Ann Leppala

Carol Ann Leppala

Served during the Vietnam and post-Vietnam era.

Enlisted in the U.S. Army in August 1973 and was discharged in August 1976. She subsequently served in the Army Reserves and was discharged in 1978.

She was in military intelligence and in traffic analysis for communications—codes, cryptography, etc.

Her basic training was at Fort McClellan, Alabama. Her AIT was at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. In 1974, she was sent to Augsburg, Germany, and in 1975 was transferred to Manassas, Virginia. She was subsequently in the Army Reserves in Wausau, Wisconsin.

She was born in Duluth, Minnesota, on August 3, 1955, to Wayne and Jesse Leppala.

She graduated from Duluth’s Denfeld High School in 1973.

Source: Carol Ann Leppala's handwritten account

(The following is a reproduction of a handwritten account provided by Ms. Leppala.)

I was born in Duluth, Minnesota, August 3, 1955, the fourth child of Wayne and Jesse Leppala.

Family moved to 39th Avenue West and 4th Street when I was two years old. Attended Merritt Elementary School, West Junior High School and Denfeld High School. I graduated high school in 1973. With a desire to go to school for nursing, I was encouraged to consider the Army by my father. There was no money for college. I went in the Army in August 1973 after my 18th birthday. Basic training was at Fort McClellan, Alabama. Then my AIT was at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. In March 1974 I went to Augsburg, Germany.

In 1975 I received orders to transfer stateside. January 15, 1976 I was home for leave and then went to Manassas, Virginia. My time to end active duty was coming close, and I wanted to get into nursing. I decided to go to school in Wausau, Wisconsin, after I was discharged in August of 1976. I decided to be in Reserves and was part of the Army Reserves in Wausau, Wisconsin, while I went to school and worked part time. I received my nurse’s aide training in 1977 and worked for the county in Wausau. In 1978 I was discharged from Reserves. In 1980 I came back to Duluth and attended DAVTI and received my Practical Nurse degree in 1981. Because my Dad wanted me here in Duluth, I remained here. I’ve worked in the nursing homes and home health care in Duluth since 1981. I enjoy home care and have had the joy and privilege of caring for many wonderful people.

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