Gary R. Higgins

While serving onboard the USS Duluth LPD-6 in 1972 or 73 we were doing maneuver's with the USS Tripoli LPH-10 while getting ready for a replenishment at sea (Unrep). The Tripoli had Marine and Navy helicopters onboard and Marine guards. The Marine guards were going through an inspection prior to going on duty, they were on the elevator from the hanger deck to the flight deck when a freak wave came between the Duluth and the Tripoli and washed about 6 of these young Marines overboard. The Tripoli sounded the man overboard alarm and all ships stopped. We searched for 3 days and nights using binoculars during the day and starlight scopes at night. After the 3 days were up the Marines were listed lost at sea. Other ships continued the search but never found any of the Marines that were washed overboard. 

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