John Fitzgerald

John entered the Navy on 14 September 1963, and served as a Medical Corps for the 1st Platoon Bravo 46.
John entered the Mekong Delta on June 10, 1966 as a platoon medic. At that time, the Delta was a safe place for the VC and NVA to move supplies across to the Ho Chi Min Trail. John stated "our tactics were to 'out-guerilla' the guerillas"

In his tour, John endured many hardships. "The Delta was festered with every insect, snake and leeches known to man. We endured the heat, the monsoons, mud rivers and rice paddies. Suffering not only KIA's and WIA's, but the elements in which just a scratch could be turned easily into a severe infection or gangrene. Always in mud."

John indicated that those who survived this experience still suffer from physical and mental conditions to this day.

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