Robert Joseph Beardsley

Bob Beardsley

I went into the US Army on 16th June 1966 till 14 September 1973. I served one year in Japan and 2 ½ year’s in Hawaii, with the US 25th Infantry at Scholdfield Barracks after serving with the division, in South Vietnam.

Serving my country was probably the best time of my life, although, Vietnam was very unpopular at that time. I came from a family which was too proud to serve its country, in a time of need, as my father Roy C. Beardsley of Duluth, Minnesota lost his brothers Theodore Aurthur Beardsley and Joseph Walter Beardsley in WWII, both were killed in the European Theatre of during WWII.

So as of this date 7th October 2003, I guard donate my Vietnam Era Memorabilia. As for myself, I will always be proud of my US Army Military Service during the Vietnam era.

At last now I know, that my experience can be seen, as what I did during my service too my country, and to this day I can say I was proud too serve my country during this era. Again thank you for letting me make this donation, it isn’t much, but maybe people will understand what Vietnam era servicemen went through!!!!!!!!!!.We were all proud to serve our country in it’s time the Vietnam war.

Thank You, Robert Beardsley

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