Terry "Chopper" Jordan

Together, But Alone In Vietnam
I remember all those hot days and lonely nights.

The uncertainty and the fright.

For hours staring and listening, sometimes holding my breath.

The wind might blow and move the grass.

Your mind plays games and sometimes not.

How long can this night last?

Everyday that goes by, is another day in the past.

The rains come down, carrying part of a mortar and your pack.

You walk, but don’t dare talk.

It’s dark and wet, laying in mud, you try to rest.

Mosquitoes, spiders, snakes, and rats.

I can’t wait to be home at last.

Every morning someone jumps up and says “I quit, I’m going home.”

All of us are together, but we each feel so alone.

I never looked at the sky so much.

The sunsets, the stars, what’s going on back home?

Damn, I feel so alone.

I hear the sound of a chopper in the distance.

It brings a smile to your face.

Supplies and maybe a letter or two.

I feel better now.

I carry my letter and read it over and over.

Tears come to my eyes, but I can’t let anyone see me cry.

Finally my day has come.

I hear the chopper in the distance.

I grab my gear, ready to go.

Leaving behind my buddies that I won’t see anymore.

I’m still young, but feeling old.

I’m proud of what I’ve told.

I’m going home and never again do I want to feel alone.

Tsgt. Terry “Chopper” Jordan

29 May, 2000

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