William Kron

Bill Kron, Veterans Day, November 11, 1997

Dedicated to the St. Louis County Veterans' Memorial Hall

And to those who have paid the ultimate price for our country.

Fallen Leaves

On Veteran's Day, I rake the leaves...

So many now have fallen.

A simple chore I’ve done before

When I hear winter calling

No glory in this stooping down

And scooping piles of wilted brown

from autumn’s faded grass and winter’s chilling ground?

No honor in this humble task?...shhh,

the neighbors may be watching..."Good for him" some say,
Others say, "forget it, just let them blow away"

But no one sees my little yard has now become a shrine,

My grubby clothes a uniform, the leaves friends of mine.

My rake a flag I proudly wave,

And the grass beneath my spit shine shoes is now a sacred grave.

The beads of sweat are really tears...

My God it seems so many years...

What a blessing to just be raking here.

Thank you Lord for the fallen ones,

For those who’ve paid the debt.

Thank you Lord for the fallen leaves,

lest I should ever forget.

Bill Kron was a Vietnam Veteran and also later a St. Louis County Commissioner. It is in part because the vision and help of commissioner Kron that Veterans' Memorial Hall is what it is today.

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