Alvin Rudolph Sjordal

Mr. Sjordal served in World War I.

At some point, he was assigned to Camp Johnston, Jacksonville, Florida.

Letter written by Mr. Sjordal to the Marshall Wells Hardware News (see below)

“Am no longer shoving the hardware across the counter; but still look forward to your Zenith Magazine, so if you have any extra copies, will you mail me last month’s and also this month’s issue.

Of course, I realize that this is not according to Hoyle, but would sure appreciate receiving it, as I enjoy this magazine more than others.

How is everything and do you ever see any of the old gang? Would like to reorganize that same bunch sometime and have one of our “Old Times” but suppose that is impossible.

Met Thorson and Wright today, and we certainly talked over old times and the old bunch.

I like the life fine; and feel twice as well as I did in civil life, as I get exercise. No more sleeping until 8 o’clock; and I’m about ready to hit the hay when taps sound.

We have just got out of quarantine, and am spending this first night at the “Y.” Tonight is movie night and the place is certainly packed.
Must close as the lights are about to go out.”

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