Carl "Toot Toot" Edwin Carlson

Mr. Carlson served in World War I, in France, and in World War II, in the Pacific Theater.

During WWI, he served in the U.S. Army, joining at age 19. He served in the 125th Field Artillery National Guard in Duluth.

During WWII, he served with the U.S. Navy as a hospital corpsman. He joined the Naval Reserve and the Seabees.

Mr. Carlson was born on August 3, 1899, outside of Cloquet, Minnesota. He died on March 23, 1983, at age 83.

Source: Son’s recollections (see below)

My dad was born on a big farm ½ way between Big Lake & Cloquet. He used to walk into Cloquet to dances and school activities.

He joined the Army at 19 years old. He married Ann Alvino Lorenz on August 3, 1921. It was on his 21st birthday. He was in the 125th Field Artillery National Guard in Duluth. He played their calls to the marching. He played taps at night. He played at military funerals and every Memorial Day for 63 years. He played taps at John F Kennedy’s memorial service at the Civic Center and played the “echo.”

He has a medal saying “the Great War for Civilization.” He was in World War I in France.

He joined the Navy as a hospital Corpsman for World War II. He met his son Forest at Guam. They flew him in so they could be together for a time. He joined the Naval Reserve and then the Seabees.

He took Trips to Panama, Cuba, Guantanamo Bay and other places.

He was in the American Legion for 63 years and never missed a meeting. After World War II they used to take all day to visit 12 cemeteries and lots of men. Now only a few show up and they only go to 6.

He worked in Proctor at the DM&IR Railroad yards on a big crane that moved cars on and off the tracks. He picked up big things that couldn’t be handled by hand. He would blow his whistle that sounded like toot, toot and that is how he got his name "Toot-Toot". He took care of that crane himself. Cleaning and greasing it as needed. He stood on a rubber mat that saved his life when the boom hit a live electric wire, sending volts through the crane, but I don’t remember if it hit him or just went around him. They said, if he had tried to jump or move he would have been killed. He loved his job and would walk 3 miles to Proctor even if there was a snowstorm and cars could not move.

He was with the Lind Gord Berg Post 106 of the American Legion in Proctor, Minnesota.
He had 3 sons, Glenn E of Webster, Texas, Forrest F-deceased and Marlyn A of Sacramento, California. 2 Daughters, Beverly Nelson of Duluth and Lois M Carlson, Duluth. His wife was Edith a Lorenz of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Married him on his birthday outside of Cloquet. They lived in West Duluth before building a home in the woods outside Proctor, 3 miles.

Many wonderful times were had here. My father was born August 3, 1988 and died March 23, 1983 at age 83.

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