Jack Shields

Mr. Shields served in World War I.

He was a Lieutenant in the 4th Training Reg., Inf. Replacement Camp, at Camp Pike in Arkansas.

Source: Marshall Wells Hardware Newsletter's from WWI

"The following is from Jack Shields, ex-price clerk, who recently received his Lieut. Commission. Jack is now at Camp Pike, Ark.

Jack was last year’s champion single sculler, sweep oarsman, and in his High School days, a fast half miler and high jumper. Likewise, Jack was choir singer and Sunday school teacher.

“Here I am down in the sunny south, and at my old tricks drilling recruits.

We received our commissions June 1st, and our travel orders, June 7th.

This is a very nice city of 60,000 and as far as the camp is concerned, I will say that it has Dodge beat to a “Frazzle.” The only drawback is the heat.

Little Rock is nine miles south of us, and is connected by a Tarvis Highway.

I had a delightful trip south. Stopped off in St. Louis, Mo., and while there the Century Boat Club boys took excellent care of me. I was out to the Club and rowed bow in the senior four, after which we danced, etc., and had a general good time in the main Club House.

Give everyone my regards. Tell Axel that I have called on Maurice several times, but he has always been out.

Jack C. Shields, Lieut…4th Training Reg., Inf.. Replacement Camp, Camp Pike, Ark. Is on the Duluth Honor Roll for the Marshall Wells Hardware Co."

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