Albert William Wilander

Albert William Wilander served in World War II in the Pacific Theater (Hawaii and Japan, specifically).

Mr. Wilander served in the U.S. Army from January 4, 1945, to November 17, 1946.

He received tank training in Fort Knox, Kentucky. He was assigned to the 77th Infantry, 306th Regiment, and was sent to the Pacific.

His rank was Corporal.

Mr. Wilander was born in 1926 to Martin and Frances Wilander. He graduated from Duluth Denfeld High School in 1945.

Source: Veterans’ Memorial Hall History Form; veteran’s account (see below)

A patriotic young man, I entered the Army and took tank training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Next I went to the Pacific and the islands: Oahu, Cebu, Leyte, and then north to Hakodate, then south to Tokyo. Our outfit was one of the first to enter Tokyo. I was attached to the medics and then the military police. Quite an experience. Finally to home—I was happy. I only hoped that I had helped my country when it needed me. God bless America—Long may she live.

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