Philip L. Martineau

Photo of Philip L.

Photo: From Left to Right - Jesus B. Duenas, Jose L. G. Zujan, Juan L. Lujan, Jesus B. Bautista, Ignacio L. G. Zujan, Philip Martineau, David L. G. Zujan

Philip Martineau served in World War II in the Pacific Theater.

He served in the U.S. Marine Corps from July 1, 1943, until January 1, 1946. He was assigned to a guard unit on Midway island and later with the 1st Civil Affairs unit in the Pacific on Guam. According to Mr. Martineau, his awards and decorations were “nothing extraordinary.”

His rank was Corporal.

He was born in 1925 to Edward and Mary Martineau in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. He graduated from high school after the war in 1946.

Source: Veterans’ Memorial Hall veteran history form; veteran’s account (see below)

“Lead a patrol of native policemen on Guam cleaning up all small Japanese camps in the area of Guam where later the airstrip for B-29’s was built. In about a month, we had killed 111 Japs and turned one very sick guy over to a medical unit. At this time, I was assigned as Chief Patrolman of the town of Dedadoe.”

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