Robert T. Wiirre

Robert T. Wiirre was inducted into the Army on September 26, 1942, at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. Home at entry: Eveleth, Minnesota.

Mr. Wiirre served as a Technician 4th Grade and a medical technician.

He departed from New York on April 29, 1943, arriving in Oran, North Africa, on May 12, 1943. He went to Bizerte to help set up a hospital. On November 6, 1944, he landed in Naples, Italy, to help set up a hospital in Madeloni, Italy. He then went to Lyon, to Dijon, to Paris and to Verdun. On November 17, 1945, he was in Camp Philip Morris in LeHavre, France.

Mr. Wiirre was honorably discharged on December 1, 1945, at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin.

Source: Hometown Heroes:  The Saint Louis County World War II Project, 342.

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