Roy H. Mattson

Roy H. Mattson served in World War II. He served in the U.S. Army Air Forces from November 21, 1942, until September 15, 1945.

He was assigned to the 389th Bombardment Group, 565th Strategic Missile Squadron, based in England. His rank was Sergeant. He served in several battles and campaigns: air offensive Europe; Sicily, Naples-Foggia; Libya, Africa; Normandy, northern France; and the Rhineland, Ardennes, Central Europe. He saw air combat.

Mr. Mattson's aircraft was once shot down over France and after parachuting to safety, received aid from members of the French underground. Despite their assistance, he was still arrested by the Gestapo. However, Mr. Mattson was rescued by female French freedom fighter, Andree De Jongh. After hiding in caves to avoid German patrols and the November weather, De Jongh used a Morse code machine to request a British plane for Mr. Mattson’s escape.

He was decorated with a Distinguished Unit Citation (Ploesti, Romania, August 1, 1943) and the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal.

Mr. Mattson was born in 1920, Mason, Wisconsin, the son of John and Ann Mattson.

Source: Veterans’ Memorial Hall Veteran History Form and Lake County News-Chronicle, “Veteran Recalls Avenging Angel of the Resistance”

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