Theodore Arnold Marken

Theodore Arnold Marken served in the U.S. Navy during World War II in the Pacific Theater from October 11, 1944 until July 21, 1946.

He was assigned to the U.S.S. YMS-429, a minesweeper, in Seattle, and was later assigned to the U.S. submarine base in Guam. His rank was Seaman 1st Class.

Mr. Marken was born on October 29, 192_ in Duluth, Minnesota, the son of Jorgen and Pauline Marken. He graduated from Central High School in 1944.

Source: Veterans’ Memorial Hall Veteran History Form; veteran account (see below)

Attended boot camp at Farragut, Idaho. Entered active service 11-6-44. Reported for duty on the YMS-429 in Seattle, Washington. Sailed to Long Beach, California. Don’t remember what the date was. Spent at least 6 months in the area between Long Beach, San Pedro, Sacramento, on shakedown cruises and in dry dock getting repairs after a few mishaps.

Ended up in San Diego for more shakedown cruises. It was there I got in a car accident, ended up in a hospital, and was there when the YMS left for Japan. I was given a 5-day leave home then when I returned, after reporting to Camp Elliot in San Diego.

I was sent to Guam, where I was assigned to a submarine base just being built. I worked in the shipfitters’ shop during the welding, plumbing, and sheet-metalwork required to build the new buildings on the base. I was there until June ’46, when I was shipped back to the U.S. for discharge.

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