Emil R. De Grio (Peppy)

Emil R. De Grio

Mr. De Grio entered the Army on October 6, 1942.

He served as a Technician Fifth Grade and infantryman with the 788th Ordnance L. M. Company in North Africa and Anzio, Italy.

Killed in action at Anzio, Italy, on May 24, 1944.

Family received a letter dated May 29, 1944, "Dear Mr. De Grio, The War Department has no doubt already informed you of the death of your son, Emil. You have the deepest sympathy of both the officers and men of this organization. His loss is keenly felt by all of us. We who worked with him found him loyal and trustworthy, courteous, and congenial. He was a fine example of American manhood, and excellent soldier. In closing let me again express the deepest sympathy of the entire organization. Please feel free to write me for any additional information you may desire. Sincerely, Norman S Greenberg Capt., Ord. Dept, Commanding.

Source: Hometown Heroes: The Saint Louis County World War II Project, page 354.

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