Mothers Awarded Pins 11 Duluth

Photo title: “Eleven Mothers Are Awarded Pins by Duluth Group”

Caption: “Eleven mothers who have between four and six sons or daughters in the armed services were presented pins by the Duluth Emblem of Honor association last week at a program in the West End American Legion hall.

Seated left to right above are Mrs. Mike Cherro, Mrs. Anna Rosberg, Mrs. Agnes Tardiff and Mrs. Gertrude Hinnenkemp; standing, left to right, are John H. Hearding and J. D. McNamara, of the Dulth association; Mrs. Je. E. Johnsen, Sr., Mrs. Joseph Zeleeznikar [sic], Mrs. Joseph Fournier, Mrs. Paul Hom, Sr., Mrs. Mary Radich and Mrs. Ida L. Adams.”

Article title: “Emblem of Honor Group Cites Servicemen’s Mothers”

“Honor pins have been awarded 11 more Duluth mothers in recognition of theirs [sic] sons and daughters in the armed services.

“The Duluth Emblem of Honor association made the awards last week in the West End American Legion hall. Mothers receiving the honors have four to six sons or daughters in service.

“Receiving a pin with six stars was Mrs. Mike Cherro, 1702 West New street. She has five sons in the army and a sixth in the navy. In the army are Cpt. Thomas J., Pf. Anthony N., and Pvts. Harvey P., Robert A. and Joseph C. In the navy is Prosper R., a second class fireman.

“A five-star pin went to Mrs. Agnes Tardiff, 515 Park street. She has a daughter and four sons in service. First Lt. Louise M. is in an army hospital unit. S-Sgt. Frederic, M-Sgt. Gilbert J. and Pvt. Joseph are in the army, while John R. is a seaman in the navy.

“Mrs. Gertrude Hinnenkemp, 1509 Ninety-ninth avenue west, also received a five-star pin. She has two sons, both corporals, in the army. They are George J. and August G. Three sons in the navy, all second class seamen, are Raymond J., Romeo B. and Jerome II.

“Others received four-star pins. Mrs. Carl Conito, 22 North Fifty-fourth avenue west, has two sons in the army, one in the navy, and a daughter in the WAVEs. In the army are Pvt. Carl D. and Pfc. Francis B. Carl A. is a first class seaman in the navy, and Evelyn C. is a second class seaman in the WAVES.

“Mrs. Anna Rosberg, 3981 Woodland avenue, has three boys in the navy and one in the army, Pvt. Roy Stanley. In the navy are Glenn R., boatswain’s mate second class; Elwood V. and James N., second class seamen.

“Mrs. J. E. Johnson, Sr., route 3, box 508, has four sons in the army. They are Pvt. Vernon R., T-5Merrill D., Pfc. Joseph E., Jr., and Pvt. Raymond H.

“Three sons of Mrs. Joseph Zeleznikar, 223 Eleventh avenue west, are in the army and a fourth is in the navy. The army men are Cpl. Frank P., Sgt Joseph and Pfc. Jack. Walter W. is in the navy.

“Mrs. Joseph Fournier, 203 North Fifty-second avenue west, has four sos in the army. They are S-Sgt. Wilfred J., Cpt. Russell, Pfc. Lawrence and Pvt. Vernon.

“Two sons of Mrs. Paul Hom, 2203 West First street, are in the army and two serve in the navy. Lt. Paul J. and T-Sgt. Russell are in the army, while David and Richard E. are in the navy.

“Mrs. Mary Radich, 1540 Ninety-seventh avenue west, has four sons in the army They are Pvts. Mike and Nick, Pfc. Dushie and S-Sgt. Bogan.

“Four sons of Mrs. Ida Adams, 1827 South street, are in the navy. They are Ens. K. J. Adams, Donald W., George A. and Jack E., who was wounded in the Pacific.”

Note: The Nowak family of Duluth, MN, originally from Spooner, WI, sent 5 boys to WWII and another 2 to Korea.

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